Serendipity (n)

The chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way

Finding functional medicine and healing my body through diet and lifestyle changes was very serendipitous. The choices you have made over the years brought you here today and my hope is that you'll also choose health and happiness.

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and through my own experience of saying goodbye to my autoimmune symptoms, I hope to encourage and give strength to others wanting to take control of their health and feel more happiness, energy and vitality in their lives.

I'm here to be your ally and I look forward to working with you and seeing you succeed!


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You may be asking yourself, what is functional medicine?


Can a functional medicine health coach help me achieve my goals?  Yes!


Contact me today to start your journey to health and happiness though coaching, grocery tours and more! 

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Functional Medicine Health Coaching

As a functional medicine health coach, I am here to support you as you make difficult diet and lifestyle changes that may prevent or reverse chronic disease. In this partnership, we will delve into your strengths and use those to move you from a challenging health situation toward a thriving life again.


Grocery Tours

Are you making changes to your diet by eating healthier foods, but find grocery shopping confusing, exhausting or overwhelming? Then this is the tour for you!

Pantry Makeovers

The pantry makeover is a great place to start when making diet and lifestyle changes. Maybe you're going gluten free or you want tips on the best organization in a tight space. We can focus on any aspect that makes your life easier in the kitchen!

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